Pastoral Care

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All members of our school family share a passionate commitment to ensuring that the school makes a huge difference to children’s lives. We do this through our high aspirations and expectations together with the development of positive relationships. 

Class teachers and Learning Support Assistants are best placed to develop strong and caring relationships between themselves and pupils, pupils and pupils and families and staff.

There are times when individual pupils may need more support and we have extended our Pastoral Support Team so that we can meet those needs.

Pastoral Team

Our new Pastoral Lead is Mrs Huma Khan, many of you will know Huma as she has been an LSA in both Reception and Year 1.

Huma has over 20 years’ experience working with children from birth onwards and is determined to work together with families, pupils and staff to make a difference to young children’s lives.

Mrs Ruby Hussain is one of our learning leaders who has provided her extensive knowledge and skillset for over 18 years at Iqra Academy!

Ms Melody Dickens started her Iqra career in the main office. Her talents for interacting with pupils were obvious so she has moved into our Pastoral Team.

Mrs Jorona Khatun supports pupils in Obsidian Class (Year 3) She also support pupils with additional needs in The Hive. She is expanding her pastoral role, and now provides support in The Sanctuary.

Support and empowerment

Responding to the social and emotional needs of individual pupils, coaching them to understand their own ‘emotional intelligence’, and supporting them to develop strategies to self-regulate their emotions will empower pupils for their lifetime.

A calming space ‘The Sanctuary’ has been developed in the Key Stage 2 building. This room has a range of soft-furnishings, calming lighting, sensory resources and a dark tent.

The Sanctuary is the perfect spot to calm down and regulate emotions, all staff and pupils can make use of this room. It is proving to be a popular place to talk about worries and difficulties.

How the Pastoral Team support pupils

Huma has a timetable which is varied, these are some of the vital tasks she undertakes on a daily or weekly basis.

  • supporting some pupils on a one-to-one basis in The Sanctuary.
  • supporting pupils and staff within lessons.
  • supporting families.
  • collaboratively developing a new initiative in school called Raising Attainment With Wellbeing.

Huma can be found in the Key stage 1 playground in the morning. If you feel you need help or support, please have a chat with her.

Melody starts her day in Breakfast Club. Her timetable is also varied and these are some of the tasks she undertakes.

  • 1:1 activity e.g. chess, STEM.
  • Teaching in The Hive.
  • Lunchtime clubs.
  • 1:1 musical instrument teaching e.g. keyboard, guitar.
  • After-school clubs.

Jorona starts her day in Obsidian class before moving to The Hive. She supports Key stage 2 pupils in The Sanctuary.

  • LSA duties in Obsidian e.g., reading, phonics, support in lessons.
  • Pastoral support in The Hive.
  • 1:1 pastoral support in The Sanctuary.


Pupils in school can request a visit to The Sanctuary and this is encouraged.

Pupils receiving additional support are invited to discuss what support they need and how they think we can help them.