Pupil Leaders


Our Pupil Leadership is made up of elected representatives from across each year group. The members select a chair, vice-chair and secretary. 

Their role includes:

  • Learning walks with senior leaders.

  • Presentations to the Local Governing Body and Feversham Education Trust.

  • Helping senior leaders to review and develop school policies.

  • Representing their year group peers’ views.

  • Reporting to the Principal on what is going well and what could be made even better.

  • Developing and innovating new ideas for the benefit of the school and pupils.

  • Attending Pupil Leadership Team meetings.


Volunteer pupils from Years 5 and 6 work with our midday team to encourage happy interactions at lunchtimes through organising friendship games, and making sure everyone has an enjoyable time.

They are positive role models and help make our lunchtimes fantastic.

Playleaders wear a fluorescent bib so they can be easily recognised at lunchtimes.

Their duties include:

  • Organising games

  • Befriending children and helping them make friends

  • Spotting children who may be alone and finding them a friend to play with or getting them involved in a game

  • Organising playground equipment


Chosen pupils from KS1 & KS2 who work alongside our STEM Lead Mrs Mehrin to ensure there is fun, quality learning surrounding STEM throughout the school

Their role includes:

  • Meeting with the senior leadership team

  • Promoting the benefits of learning within STEM

  • Representing their classes views and opinions

  • Developing new ideas for the progression of STEM


Chosen pupils who help support children's wellbeing within school

Their role includes:

  • Showing younger children how to sensibly behave

  • Looking after lost & lonely pupils

  • Promote positive ideas and behaviours


Pupils from within the school who assist fellow students with their digital needs.

Their role includes:

  • Promote the importance of online safety to all children

  • Helping classmates log on to the computer during Computing sessions

  • Liaising with the Senior Leadership Team about their thoughts and opinions on how to make online safety even safer


Chosen pupils from each class who help during library sessions

Their role includes:

  • Helping their peers choose books

  • They are responsible for scanning books out of the library

  • Ensure the library is tidy at the end of each session

  • Promote a reading culture within school


Pupils who help out during lunch times

Their role includes:

  • Help at the tables by filling cups with water or milk

  • Set a good example of how to be have, eat & sit nicely

  • Encourage conversations at the dining table 

  • General assistance within the dinner hall