Parking Reminder

4th Oct 2023

Our priority each day is to keep our children safe, but some parents are making this very difficult on the roadside each day. 

Parents must not park on yellow lines or in the disabled parking spot. We have a number of families with blue badges for their children who need to use this disabled parking bay.
There should be no 3-point turns in the road. This causes traffic congestion & more importantly is dangerous.

Parents should not be stopping their cars in the middle road & dropping children off in the middle of the road. 

Please drive slowly and safely down the road to help keep everyone safe.

Use the crossing patrol and zebra crossing to cross the road safely. 

Children should be in car seats and wearing seat belts at all times. 

We will be passing registration number plate details onto the council and police for any parents who are putting the safety of our children at risk. 

Please work with us to help keep all the children and families at Iqra safe.