IQRA Achieves 'Good' OFSTED Report

15th Dec 2023


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IQRA Primary Academy achieves ‘Good’ Ofsted,

as it celebrates exemplary and supportive culture


Following an Ofsted inspection in October, IQRA Primary Academy – part of iExel Education Trust – has been praised for its high expectations, supportive and positive culture, and ambitious curriculum, as it was rated Good for ‘Overall effectiveness’.

The Academy was rated Outstanding in ‘Behaviour and attitudes’, and ‘Personal development’ and rated Good in ‘Quality of education’, ‘Leadership and management’ and ‘Early years provision’.

IQRA Academy was commended for creating an ‘overwhelming feeling of respect and acceptance’. Its report highlighted how ‘pupils are consistently kind and encouraging to each other. Pupils listen carefully when classmates are speaking, and they help when their classmates need it. They thoroughly enjoy their time in school, in lessons and outside.’

Within the report, inspectors noted that ‘the school has the highest expectations of what pupils can achieve. This is particularly the case for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). The curriculum is ambitious and helps pupils to learn and use important knowledge and vocabulary. Pupils who need extra support get it so that they can be successful in what they are doing.

In the past two years, the Trust has invested over £650k in elevating IQRA Primary Academy. This substantial investment has primarily targeted the development of its state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. This investment has also encompassed enriching the library, introducing engaging wall art, upgrading the IT and cyber security infrastructure to cutting-edge standards, and other enhancements.

The value of this investment has been recognised through the inspector’s comments including how ‘pupils talk about science and mathematics with deep understanding’ and how they appreciate the Academy’s science classrooms and wider range of clubs, including coding. Teachers were also reported as ‘highly knowledgeable about these subjects’ themselves’. The Trustees and iExel leaders were noted as having ‘invested a vast amount of time and resource in the enrichment offer across the school. This is intelligently woven through the whole curriculum’.

Other areas of success in the report, include:

  • Pupils’ ability to manage their own behaviour is ‘exceptional’.
  • Pupils gain a huge amount of cultural knowledge about Bradford and all its diversity.
  • The school has defined the knowledge that pupils need across a range of subjects.
  • The early years provides a rich curriculum for children to use as a foundation for future learning.
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.
  • The school has made sure that books and reading are ever-present for pupils.
  • Leaders have rightfully brought in more ways to check what pupils know and can do without the need for more formal testing.
  • Pupils with SEND achieve well at the school and staff provide support and resources for pupils so that any barriers to their success are reduced or removed.




Andrea Ives, Principal of IQRA Primary Academy, stated:  

“With IQRA Primary Academy’s ethos being one of high expectation and mutual respect where each pupil knows they are valued and well cared for, it is pleasing that Ofsted recognised that our pupils are proud of being here and have developed an incredible sense of maturity and tolerance, while understanding the need to treat others kindly.

“We are so proud of the community we have built at IQRA and across the Trust more broadly. I’d like to thank our staff, pupils and families for their ongoing support and dedication. It’s wonderful to see such a positive outcome, as a result of the approach we’ve taken, particularly in areas like science, design and technology where we have invested heavily to ensure our pupils are equipped with the skills needed to excel in life beyond their education.”


Professor M. Khurshid Khan, CEO of iExel Education Trust, said: 

“The work of Principal, Andrea, and the IQRA team over the past one and half years has been exceptional. As a Trust, we have invested more than £1.8 million across our three schools for improvements, so it’s really rewarding to see this dedication and effort formally recognised by Ofsted.

One of our pupils told an inspector that ‘everyone can find their place here’ and this really does encapsulate the support and encouragement provided at IQRA Primary Academy. Every child, regardless of their background or circumstances is challenged to achieve their very best and is championed along the way to help them realise their potential. We are truly Creating Brighter Futures.”